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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Anthology of short films. Part 89.

Anthology of short films. Part 89.
 Another issue of Anthology of Short Films number eighty nine is ready for viewing. Today in this issue are 5 mini-films of various countries both feature and documentary.
1. Sports Kids: Varicella.2015. HD.
A portrayal of two talented sisters, aspiring ballerinas who were selected from over 5000 kids to become students at the prestigious Academy of Russian Ballet.
Director: Viktor Kosakovskiy.
Cast: Nastya Sosimova, Polina Sosimova.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, 2015.
Language: Russian, English.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
2. Bilet v detstvo. 1969.
The film is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of the Central House of Children of Railway Workers. The artistic director of the ensemble is Semyon Dunaevsky. Dance, choral, orchestral numbers are connected by a story line.
Director: Vladimir Akopov.
Cast: Young participants of the folk song and dance ensemble of the Central House of Children of Railway Workers.
USSR, Ekran, 1969.
Language: Russian.
3. Anime. 2017. HD.
Two dirty ragged orphan children sit on stairs of an abandoned building entrance. The smaller boy (Alexi Charron) has one eye bandaged and eats food out of a can. The older girl (Ève Lemieux) smokes and reads a discarded magazine. A car on fire rolls by as three other orphans chase it. Music plays from an outdated boom box. The younger orphan dances to the music but then violently smashed the boom box against the pavement. To amuse themselves, they toss bottles off the highway embankment...
Director: Arnaud Brisebois.
Cast: Ève Lemieux, Alexi Charron.
Canada, 2017.
1920x1080 HD
4. Baby. 2014. HD.
6-year-old Nadjaline would do anything to help her mother, who is grieving sorely after a miscarriage late in her pregnancy. So, when Nadjaline sees a baby all alone in a baby carriage in front of a kiosk, she takes the infant home to her mother.
Director: Camilla Ramonn.
Cast: Nynne Filipsen, Ulla Vejby Kristensen, Johan & Viktor Brogaard Dyg, Ibrahim Abou-Ardi, Dagmar Vejby Assmann.
Denmark, 2014.
Language: Danish.
1920x1080 HD
5. Syndromes. 2011. HD.
A young girl with mysterious talents finds herself unwillingly entwined in an elite underworld that only the ailing wealthy are ever aware of.
Directors: The Golden Filter, Kristoffer Borgli.
Cast: Emma Aars, Runa Buran Nærdal, Edward Raison, Enok moen, Inge Alexander Karstensen, Kathlyn Baird.
Norway, 2011.
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 89.
Anthology of short films. Part 89.
Anthology of short films. Part 89.

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