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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Anthology of short films. Part 103.


Anthology of short films. Part 103.

Present to your attention the first spring issue of Anthology of short films number one hundred and three. Today our new collection contains 10 mini-films, old and new, documentaries and fiction. 

1. Odin den v detskom sadu №22. 2013. HD.
Documentary about one day in kindergarten number 22 in the Kirishi town, Leningrad region.
Cast: Svetlana Viktorovna Belyaeva, Elena Vladimirovna Strebkova, Tatyana Petrovna Ratnikova.
Russia, 2013.
Language: Russian.
1280x720 HD
2. Cientouno. 2020. HD.
“You die if you jerk off 100 times.” This threat rings through the ears of our main character, a 14-year-old boy from rural Spain at the beginning of the twentieth century. Urged on by the hot flushes of youth, he explains his “sins” one by one so as not to cross over that fateful line, which causes him quite a few headaches. One day, however, having reached 99, he has to choose between imminent hell and the impetuousness of adolescence. How will it all end? An amusing short film about the feeling of guilt...
Director: Sebastián Alfie.
Cast: Montse Alcoverro, Carles Arquimbau, Benet Cabré.
Spain, 2020.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. Sisters. 2016. HD.
Two twin girls unsettle the taboos and amnesia surrounding childhood explorations of sexuality.
Director: Sophia de Baun.
Cast: Nathaniel Dickson, Michael Kelberg, Frances Lozada.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Shower Boys. 2021. HD.
“Are you a man or a mouse?” asks the bandy trainer? Viggo answers with doubt but the team chant “MEN!”. After training, Viggo and Noel go home to Noel’s house and have a sauna. The friends start to compete on who is most manly, a tough competition where no-one really wants to be tough.
Director: Christian Zetterberg.
Cast: Lucas Andreasson, David Ramirez Knezevic, Robin Stegmar, Erik Lundin, Thomas Olausson.
Sweden, 2021.
Language: Swedish.
1920x1080 HD
5. Growing Girls. 1949.
The National Committee for Visual Aids in Education was behind this informative film that illustrates the arrival of the "special time" for young women. She's growing older. Her body is changing. What's it all about? GROWING GIRLS is here to explain.
Director: Winifred Holmes.
Cast: Winifred Holmes.
UK, 1949.
Language: English.
6. Premier amour. 2002.
In a schoolyard, kids play tag at recess. Back in class, Pol sits beside Justine. When the teacher's back is turned he twirls her hair. After school the boys scoff some candy and share it with the girls... The class is at the swimming pool. One boy diverts the teacher's attention so the others can sneak a peek into the girls' change room. But the surprise is on Pol when he finds himself trapped inside with the girls, his swimsuit still outside!
Director: Bernard Garant.
Cast: Bruno Mura, Robin Rees, Eugenie de Haspe.
Belgium, 2002.
Language: French.
7. Fifteen. 2018. HD.
One of touching films about teenagers life. Seductive moment by moment for a sort of freshness , wise use of details, storytelling and the performances and for memories about own youth. So, just beautiful.
Director: Louisa Baldwin.
Cast: Maddie Clark, Anna Lowrimore.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
8. Plein Ouest. 2019. HD.
Mathilde, aged 9, enjoys her last day of summer holidays at the seaside with her group of friends. Her father falsely interprets one of their games.
Director: Alice Douard.
Cast: Vega Cuzytek, Samuel Theis, Antoine Ayroulet.
France, 2019.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
9. Endocrine diseases in children. 1979.
Educational film for medical students.
Director: A. Burimsky.
USSR, Tsentrnauchfilm, 1979.
Language: Russian.
10. Segeltörn am Gardasee / Sailing trip on Lake Garda. 1979.
Amateur documentary about a German family's vacation on the lake Garda.
Germany, 1979.
Language: German. 

Download Anthology of short films. Part 103.

Anthology of short films. Part 103.
Anthology of short films. Part 103.

Anthology of short films. Part 103.
Anthology of short films. Part

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