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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Shameless Shorts! Volume 4.

Shameless Shorts! Volume 4.
This is a collaborative work by seventeen authors. The stories are not for everyone nor are they appropriate for all ages. They range from "pg-rated" stories about life to "r-rated" stories with violence.
Volume 4: 1960s-1970s.
1. The Secret Dream Models of Oliver Nibble.
Dick Van Patten is Oliver Nibble, a hen-pecked husband who fantasizes about the pretty girls he sees walking through the park, and even imagines he’s a famous fashion photographer!
2. Tales of Christine.
Christine Keeler rocked and empire and caused more scandal in Great Britain than King Henry VIII! See and hear her story!
3. The Diary of Fanny Hill.
Lady Chatterley takes young, naïve Fanny Hill in and teaches her the ways of the world. Sexual exploits ensue!
4. Handy Man.
A new hotel janitor is told not to disturb the guests on the 19th Floor, but he can’t help but peek in at the lovely ladies who try to lure him into their rooms!
5. Nude in the Pool.
Three roommates ask their pal Janice if they can swim in her pool. They have an ulterior motive though, to meet her cute brother! This gaggle of girls aren’t at all bashful and take a dip in their birthday suits!
6. My Cup Runneth Over.
A bra and panty salesman goes door-to-door checking the fit of brassieres, and also how easily they come off! It’s all in a day’s work!
7. Night School for Interns.
A naughty nurse tries to peek in at a female patient during a routine examination. Then things get really crazy when nitrous oxide is added to the mix!
8. Naked Flower: A Fable of Love.
A creepy gardener tries to taint sweet Elaine, but she retains her innocence until marrying a handsome young cavalry man, who makes a woman of her. However, their bliss is short-lived when the gardener escapes from the asylum!
9. Strange Sex Dreams.
Public service announcement! When used in combination; drink and dope will most likely produce nasty erotic fantasies and desires as seen here.
10. How to Undress in Front of Your Husband.
A skinny hippie chick demonstrates that the key to seducing a man is to pull out your sexiest moves and proudly display a well-groomed “fun zone”.
Directors: Gus Tarbell, Barry Mahon, Vera Mandelova, Witt Love, Gary Graver (as Akdov Telmig).
Cast: Dick Van Patten, Lucie Becker, Sheila Britt, Charline Tesar, Rita Bennett, Rona Sears, Billy McShannon, Christine Keeler, Susan Evans, Gretchen Rudolph, Betty Box, Elmo Cox, Susan Fox, Peggy Simpson, Carol Vaughn, Burt David.
USA, 1960s-1970s.
Language: English.
Download Shameless Shorts! Volume 4.
Shameless Shorts! Volume 4.
Shameless Shorts! Volume 4.


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