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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Одни на неделю / Una semana solos / A Week Alone. 2007.

Одни на неделю / Una semana solos / A Week Alone. 2007.
Аргентинский фильм напоминающий по содержанию классику жанра "Повелитель мух". Ситуация похожая - группу детей неразумные родители оставили в доме на неделю одних, оставив старшую, Марию, за главного. И как обычно происходит перераспределение полномочий: устанавливаются свои правила игры, права и обязанности каждого из членов нового сообщества, привилегии и прочие социальные моменты. Очередная модель взрослого общества в одном отдельно взятом доме.
A handful of children are left to their own devices in this subtle drama from Argentine filmmaker Celina Murga. Maria (Magdalena Capobianco) is a girl in her early teens whose family lives in an upscale gated suburb. Maria's parents are going out of town for a week, and rather than leave her with relatives or hire a babysitter, Maria is put in charge of looking after her little sister Sofia (Eleonora Capobianco), with housekeeper Esther (Natalia Gomez Alarcon) serving as a nominal adult authority figure, though for the most part she lets Maria and the others do what they please. With only their parents bedroom off-limits, Maria and Sofia have the run of the house, and soon they and their friends Facundo (Lucas Del Bo), Quique (Federico Pena), Rodrigo (Ramiro Saludas) and Timmy (Mateo Braun) are spending their days exploring the place. As the kids begin creating their own rules to run counter to the ones their absent parents set down, Esther brings a young relative, Fernando (Gaston Luparo), to play with them, and the privileged kids begin to get a notion of they ways of the outside world. Una Semana Solos (aka A Week Alone) was an official selection at the 2008 Buenos Aires Film Festival.
Режиссёр: Celina Murga.
В ролях: Natalia Gomez Alarcon, Ignacio Gimenez, Lucas Del Bo, Gaston Luparo, Magdalena Capobianco, Ramiro Saludas, Eleonora Capobianco, Federico Pena, Manuel Aparicio.
Аргентина, 2007.
Язык: испанский, без перевода.
Download Una semana solos / A Week Alone / Одни на неделю.
Одни на неделю / Una semana solos / A Week Alone. 2007.
Одни на неделю / Una semana solos / A Week Alone. 2007.

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