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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Зов тонущего корабля / Das Eismeer ruft. 1984.

Зов тонущего корабля / Das Eismeer ruft. 1984.
 Забавная приключенческая комедия про наивных детишек, которые отправились на Северный полюс пешком. 1934 год, Прага, по радио сказали, что советское судно терпит крушение во льдах, но моряки отказываются покидать корабль в надежде исправить ситуацию. И вот трое пацанов и одна девочка собрав тёплые вещи и прочие полезности выдвинулись в направлении полюса что бы помочь терпящему бедствие кораблю...
DE. Für Anton, Alex, Rosemarie, Ferdi und Rudi ist die Sache klar: Sie müssen zum Nordpol! Im Radio haben sie gehört, dass das sowjetische Schiff Tscheljuskin gekentert ist und die Besatzung ohne Aussicht auf Rettung auf einer Eisscholle im Polarmeer festsitzt. Da muss man doch was machen! Die Vorbereitung auf ihre Rettungsmission beginnt ...
EN. This children's adventure movie is a charming tale of a group of youngsters in Prague who hear that Soviet sailors abandoned their failing ship in the Arctic Sea before it went down, but no one had been able to find the sailors yet. Inspired by the efforts to save the men, the youngsters strike out on their own to help in the rescue attempt. One child is in charge of making the potato pancakes, one is in charge of the compass, and others all have their particular tasks to handle. Their progress toward the Arctic Sea is necessarily slow, whether by foot or cart or train, and they have to hole up in a relative's country cottage to spend their first night away from home. Meanwhile, worried parents have been to the authorities and a hunt is on for the children that parallels the hunt for the seamen. The children hear that they have been reported missing in the news on the radio, and they decide to turn back -- not because they have done anything wrong, but because they have to go through a dark tunnel to continue their journey -- and they are all afraid of the dark. Except for a bit of serious footage on the ship and sailors lost at sea -- which detracts from the focus of this story, the film is entertaining for adults and children alike.
Director: Jörg Foth.
Cast: Oliver Karsitz, Alexander Rohde, Vivian Schmidt, Thomas Gutzeit, Oliver Peuser, Ilja Kriwoluzky, Heide Kipp, Ute Lubosch, Marie Gruber, Gabriela Wilhelmová, Carl Heinz Choynski, Zdenek Srstka, Thomas Plenert, Hannes Stelzer.
DDR, DEFA, 1984.
Language: German.
Зов тонущего корабля / Das Eismeer ruft. 1984.
Зов тонущего корабля / Das Eismeer ruft. 1984.

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