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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Маленькие ножки / Little Feet. 2013.

Маленькие ножки / Little Feet. 2013.
 Свежий образчик нового американского независимого кино, малобюджетное чёрно-белое, за исключением пары коротких эпизодов которые подчёркивают основную идею самого фильма. Главные герои - брат и сестра (дети режиссёра фильма), предоставленные самим себе, они болтаются по улицам Лос-Анджелеса и очень хотят увидеть океан...
1. A couple of young kids living in Los Angeles (played by Rockwell's children Nico and Lana), decide that they want to see "the river." Setting out alone, their encounters along the way provide the heart and soul of the movie. Moments of wordless play are interspersed with the camera exploring the city as if through the eyes of his youthful protagonists.
2. A micro-budgeted delight that could have been made at the dawn of the Sundance indie boom, Little Feet finds one of that scene's participants, Alexandre Rockwell, imagining his own children as near-orphans fending for themselves on a day-long mission through Los Angeles. Commercial prospects are hobbled by an hour-long running time, but few who see the picture will fail to be charmed; word of mouth will be good if, perhaps paired with a simpatico short, it makes its way into non-fest arthouse bookings.
Lana and Nico Rockwell play Lana and Nico, whose unnamed father dresses in a funny-animal suit for a living and collapses drunk upon getting home from work. "How did Mommy die?" is the film's first whispered line of dialogue, and the children devote much of their imagination to ways she may still be present: They see her underwater in the bathtub, as a feather in the air...
Режиссёр: Александр Рокуэлл / Alexandre Rockwell.
В ролях: Lana Rockwell, Nico Rockwell, Rene Cuante-Bautista, Olinga Bolden, Benjamin Keepers, Tussi Bolden.
USA, 2013.
Language: English.
Subtitles: English.
Download Маленькие ножки / Little Feet.
Маленькие ножки / Little Feet. 2013.
Маленькие ножки / Little Feet. 2013.

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