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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Displaced. 2010.

Displaced. 2010.
 Драматичная короткометражка о 11-летнем Даниэле, ставшем жертвой системы распределения детей по приёмным семьям и о его последнем шансе обрести семью...
The story of Daniel, an 11 year-old victim of the foster system, and his last chance at finding a family.
Director: Rick Stevenson.
Cast: Nathan Gamble, Darius Williams-Watt, Marlette Buchanan, Rachel Pate, Amy Prestas, Kevin Warren, Bryan Sevener, Nick Robinson.
USA, 2010.
Language: English.
Download Displaced. 2010.
Displaced. 2010.
Displaced. 2010.

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