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Friday, April 27, 2018

Hey Babe! 1980.

Hey Babe! 1980.
Художественный музыкальный фильм Эй, детка! это дебют в кино Ясмин Блит в возрасте 12 лет. Тереза О'Брайан сирота, которая очень хочет стать актрисой. Она сбегает из приюта и несётся строить карьеру, попадает в массу неприятностей, но знакомится с бывшим артистом водевилей, потерявшим работу из-за пьянства и путь к славе начинается...
Hey Babe!, also known as Babe! and also known as Rise and Shine, is a 1980 film, a musical drama starring Yasmine Bleeth and Buddy Hackett. This was Yasmine's first film at the age of 12 years.
Theresa O'Brian is a 12-year-old orphan who desperately wants to attend a school for the performing arts and become a star. She is not receiving encouragement at the orphanage and is getting into trouble with the orphanage officials due to her infractions of the rules and regulations.
In one of her unauthorized adventures away from the orphanage, she meets and befriends Sammy Cohen who was a Vaudeville performer who became an alcoholic and lost his career. He is interested in renewing his career and has faith in Theresa's ability, and together they develop an act called "Buddy and Babe" in order to raise money for Theresa's tuition.
Shot in 1979, the film was released in 1983, by which time the film's "TV Singer" Geraldine Hunt had scored a 1980 Billboard National Disco Action Top 100 number-one hit with "Can't Fake the Feeling".
Official Selection Toronto and AFI Film Fest.
Director: Rafal Zielinski.
Cast: Saundra Baly, Tara Lee Bell, Yasmine Bleeth, Gordie Brown, Buddy Hackett, Geraldine Hunt, Denise Proulx, Maruska Stankova, Vlasta Vrana.
Canada, 1980.
Language: English.
Download Hey Babe! 1980.
Hey Babe! 1980.
Hey Babe! 1980.

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