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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Трава до неба / Égigérő fű. 1979.

Трава до неба / Égigérö fü. 1979.
 Немного сказочная история про дядю Польди, смотрителя парка со стажем, его страсть к красивым зелёным газонам, маленького Мису, который взялся помочь своему другу и собрать подписи жильцов под петицией и прочие суетливые и забавные приключения вокруг газона с высокой зелёной травой...
Uncle Poldi is an old park warden who is going to be retired in 5 days. He worked 52 years in the park and is always saying: "I will only miss that beautiful green lawn there!" Misu, a small boy in the house, wants to make his old friend happy and to organize of laying lawn tiles into the yard of the house. To do this, first all the residents of the house have to sign a petition, then the petition has to be brought to an office where the director has to sign it. One of the residents, Miss Kamilla, does not want to sign the petition. Misu and his friends, Mrs. Poldi and uncle Dezso, have to convince Miss Kamilla to sign it. They do finally this with the help of Oszkar the coal man and his mother. Finally all friends in the street help to lay the tiles and uncle Poldi can have the yard with his "beautiful green lawn" for his retirement years. Intended movie for children of about 5-7 years and their parents.
Режиссер: Дьёрдь Палашти / Palasthy Gyorgy.
В ролях: Дьюри Хинч / Gyuri Hintsch, Моника Ульман / Monika Ullmann, Янош Райз / Janos Rajz, Марта Фонаи / Marta Fonay, Маргит Дайка / Margit Dajka, Андреа Драхота / Andrea Drahota, Денеш Уйлаки / Denes Ujlaky, Jozsef Mariass, Ференц Зенте / Ferenc Zenthe.
Венгрия, 1979.
Language: Hungarian, Russian.
Трава до неба / Égigérö fü. 1979.
Трава до неба / Égigérö fü. 1979.

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