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Friday, December 9, 2016

Summerhill at 70. 1992.

Summerhill at 70. 1992.
 Документальный фильм о независимой и самой прогрессивной британской школе-интернате, которая была основана ещё в 1921 году. Здесь полная свобода на грани анархии, нет никаких правил поведения кроме тех что дети сами для себя придумают. Более подробно ниже на инглише.
Summerhill School is an independent British boarding school that was founded in 1921 by Alexander Sutherland Neill with the belief that the school should be made to fit the child, rather than the other way around. It is run as a democratic community; the running of the school is conducted in the school meetings, which anyone, staff or pupil, may attend, and at which everyone has an equal vote. These meetings serve as both a legislative and judicial body. Members of the community are free to do as they please, so long as their actions do not cause any harm to others, according to Neill's principle "Freedom, not Licence." This extends to the freedom for pupils to choose which lessons, if any, they attend.
SUMMERHILL AT 70 is an immersive look at the free-range children who take charge of their lives at the highly influential experimental school.
An insight into the unorthodox Suffolk boarding school where lessons are optional, swearing is common, and it's the pupils who decide the rules.
Summerhill, the first and last bastion of totally permissive, anti-authoritarian, free education, has been going strong for over seven decades. This program from 1992 shows how Summerhill children, left entirely to their own devices, behave; it looks at whether they spurn or take advantage of the academic education offered; whether a tribunal can be effective when the vote of a five-year-old carries as much weight as that of the headmistress.
Directors: Peter Getzels, Harriet Gordon Getzels.
UK, Middlemarch Films, 1992.
Язык: английский, без перевода.
Download Summerhill at 70.
Summerhill at 70. 1992.
Summerhill at 70. 1992.

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