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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lulu. 1980. DVD.

Lulu. 1980. DVD.
 Lulu is based on the same novel that G.W. Pabst's Pandora's Box was adapted from. Pandora's Box is one of the greatest films ever made so Lulu was bound to suffer by comparison. Both film versions tell the tragic story of Lulu, a vivacious woman, who attracts men (and women) eventually driven to desperation by their obsessions for Lulu.
The story of a sexually enticing young dancer who rises up in society through her relationships with wealthy men, but later falls into poverty and prostitution, culminating in an encounter with Jack 'the Ripper'.
Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box radiated sensuality. She showed no bare flesh but she had a screen charisma that made the audience believe that men would follow her to their destruction. This viewer would certainly have. In the film Lulu, the character Lulu is played by Anne Bennent, who spends a fair amount of her screen time naked. Yet, for all of her bare flesh, Miss Bennent does not have one-tenth the sensuality (or the acting chops) of a fully clothed Louise Brooks. For all of its nudity, the 1980 film is less erotic than Pabst's silent adaptation from 1929.
Director: Walerian Borowczyk.
Cast: Anne Bennent, Michele Placido, Jean-Jacques Delbo, Hans-Jürgen Schatz, Bruno Hübner, Beate Kopp, Heinz Bennent, Udo Kier, Pierre Saintons.
France, Italy, Germany, 1980.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: French.
Download DVD Lulu. 1980.
Lulu. 1980. DVD.
Lulu. 1980. DVD.

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