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Monday, January 20, 2020

Anthology of short films. Part 79.

Anthology of short films. Part 79.
The newest issue of Anthology of short films, numder seventy nine, is online. There are eight mini-films in this collection, almost all new ones including the latest short film by Iván Noel in 4K resolution.
1. Lil Bois. 2018. HD.
Lil Bois is the first film in the traditional and endangered Australian Indigenous language of Ngandi. It also features the languages of Wagilak and Roper Kriol.
Lil Bois (Little Boys), a short film written and directed by Ngandi man Grant Thompson, recently won the Best Ensemble Acting Award from the Cheboksary International Film Festival in Russia.
The film is about a shy boy and his friends who return to their camp after swimming in a billabong, only to find the camp empty and their families gone.
Director: Grant Thompson.
Cast: Dwayne Daniels, Jude Emmett, Joshua Murrungun, Noah Murrungun, Andy Lukuman Peters.
Australia, 2018.
Language: Aboriginal.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
2. Éclair. 2016. HD.
Ohrid, 4th of may 1980. Marko, son of the cook in the Marshal's villa, get's a chance to try the food that has been cooked in front of his eyes all his life.
Director: Marko Gjokovik.
Cast: Igor Angelov, Zvezda Angelovska, Boris Damovski, Dina Jovevska, Sara Klimoska.
Republic of Macedonia, 2016.
Language: Macedonian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. How Does It Start. 2019. HD.
It's 1983 and 12-year-old Rain wants sex, the only problem is she has no idea what that means. With her self-absorbed parents distracted by their recent divorce, Rain is left alone to navigate the complexities of love and adulthood, and learns to do it her own way.
Director: Amber Sealey.
Cast: George Basil, Leonora Pitts, Nican Robinson, Carson Severson, Lindsay Beamish, Sebastian Cabanas.
USA, 2019.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Piel de Cordero. 2019. 4K.
Funny short film about the games of devilish children.
Shot in July 2019 with students from the Noel Films theatre school.
Director: Iván Noel.
Cast: students.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
3840x2160 4K
5. Je suis la fessée / The spanking. 2016. 2016. HD.
9-year-old French boy Max (Antoine Glémain) wants to be the perfect son. To this end, he offers his mother Jody a book with instructions for administering the perfect spanking.
Director: Yves Pinol.
Cast: Antoine Glemain, Isabelle Turschwell.
France, 2016.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD 
6. Down the Stairs. 2016. HD.
Clayton Carver is having a great deal of trouble communicating with his young daughter Maddy. Rendered mute by a horrific trauma, Maddy has difficulty expressing herself. Frustrated to the brink, Clayton handles the situation the only way he knows how and reality begins to spiral out of control.
Director: Linda Gabriele.
Cast: Audrey Stith, Jonathan Hodges, Kimberly Warnecke, Christopher Butturff.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
7. Into the Light. 2016. HD.
Three young girls escape the reality of their situation with the prayer that a handsome prince will come and save them from their captors so that they can live happily ever after in the castle.
Director: Molly Vernon.
Cast: John Enick, Nia Johnson, Julie Oliver-Touchstone, Sara Gaston, Dan Braverman.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
8. Seхuele voorlichting / Puberty: Seхual Education for Boys and Girls. 1991.
This seх education film provides the expected information for youth entering puberty, but does so in an explicit manner. 
More info: imdb 
Director: Ronald Deronge.
Writer: André Singelijn.
Cast: Hielde Daems, Willem Geyseghem.
Belgium, 1991.
Language: Dutch.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 79:
2 parts archive:
Anthology of short films. Part 79.
Anthology of short films. Part 79.
Anthology of short films. Part 79.
Anthology of short films. Part 79.

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