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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Paulina 1880. 1972.

Paulina 1880. 1972.
In 1880's Italy, young Paulina must join a monastery to escape a doomed relationship with a married count. However, neither she, nor the count can just move on and all elements for a tragedy are there.
Director: Jean-Louis Bertuccelli.
Cast: Olga Karlatos, Maximilian Schell, Michel Bouquet, Sami Frey, Romolo Valli, Nora Ricci, Jean-Marie Robain, Léa Gray, Francine Bergé, Christian De Sica, René Clermont, Eliana De Santis, Michel Beaune, Michel Auclair.
France, 2021.
Language: French.
Download Paulina 1880. 1972.
Paulina 1880. 1972.
Paulina 1880. 1972.


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