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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

От начала до конца / Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009.

От начала до конца / Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009.
 Бразильский художественный фильм, семейная драма о двух братьях. С самого детства они были очень близки, со временем их отношения становились всё более интимными, романтическими и сексуальными...
PT. A medica Julieta (Julia Lemmertz) e mae de Francisco (Lucas Cotrim quando crianca e Joao Gabriel quando adulto), fruto de seu relacionamento com o argentino Pedro (Jean-Pierre Noher). Depois da separacao, ela conhece o arquiteto Alexandre (Fabio Assuncao), com quem tem um outro filho, Thomas (Gabriel Kaufman / Rafael Cardoso). Como cria os meninos juntos, Julieta e a primeira a perceber que no carinho dos irmaos se desenha uma solida paixao.
EN. Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.
2. Two men find love in defiance of convention in this drama from writer and director Aluizio Abranches. Six-year-old Thomas (Gabriel Kaufmann) is best friends with his half-brother, twelve-year-old Francisco (Lucas Cotrim). Julieta (Julia Lemmertz) is delighted that her son Francisco gets along so well with her second husband Alexandre (Fabio Assuncao) and his son Thomas, but a few neighbors wonder if the boys are closer than is healthy. As the boys grow older, the bond between them grows stronger, and after the death of their parents, 21-year-old Thomas (Rafael Cardoso) and 27-year-old Francisco (Joao Gabriel Vasconcellos) are finally willing to acknowledge their physical attraction to one another. After they've become lovers, Thomas gets some exciting news -- a competitive swimmer, he's been accepted to join Brazil's Olympic team. However, as part of his training program, he's expected to spend the next three years at a camp for championship swimmers in Russia. Can Thomas stand to be taken away from the support of his friend, his brother, and his lover? Do Comeco ao Fim (aka From Beginning to End) was an official selection at the 2010 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.
Director: Aluizio Abranches.
Cast: Julia Lemmertz, Fabio Assuncao, Jean Pierre Noher, Louise Cardoso, Lucas Cotrim, Gabriel Kaufmann, Rafael Cardoso, Joao Gabriel Vasconcellos, Mausi Martinez, Eduardo Coutinho.
Brazil, 2009.
Language: Russian (Portuguese).
Download От начала до конца / Do Comeco ao Fim / From Beginning to End.
От начала до конца / Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009.
От начала до конца / Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009.

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