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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Pao ba hai zi / Homerun. 2003.

Pao ba hai zi / Homerun. 2003.
Homerun (Chinese: 跑吧孩子; pinyin: pǎo bà háizǐ) is a 2003 Singaporean Mandarin-language film. A remake of the award-winning Iranian film Children of Heaven, Homerun is a drama about two poor siblings and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes. Set in 1965, the year Singapore separated from Malaysia, the film satirises the political relations between the two countries, leading to its banning in Malaysia.
The film was written and directed by Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo, and produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures. It stars Shawn Lee, Megan Zheng, Xiang Yun and Huang Wenyong. Filming took place in the rural outskirts of Kuala Lumpur during November and December 2002, but post-production delays pushed back the film's release date.
Released in cinemas on 7 August 2003, Homerun grossed over S$2.3 million during its nine-week box office run. It was nominated for two awards at the 2003 Golden Horse Awards; Megan Zheng, then 10, became the first Singaporean to win a Golden Horse. Generally, however, critical reception of the film was mixed.
A young boy accidentally loses his sister's school shoes. To avoid trouble at school and with their parents, they decide to secretly share his shoes.
Director: Jack Neo.
Cast: Shawn Lee, Megan Zheng, Yun Xiang, Wenyong Huang, Joshua Ang, Sharon Au, Hui Lu Boon, Emil Chau, John Cheng, Marcus Chin.
Singapore, 2003.
Language: Mandarin.
Download Pao ba hai zi / Homerun. 2003.
Pao ba hai zi / Homerun. 2003.
Pao ba hai zi / Homerun. 2003.

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