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Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Baby Sitter. 1969.

The Baby Sitter. 1969.
This is one of the episodes of the first season of "The Doris Day Show".
With Buck and the boys out bowling for the evening, Doris is enjoying the peace and quiet at home, that solitude which is suddenly shattered when neighbor, Dorothy Benson, telephones, stating that she is going into labor with child number 5, and she requires Doris' help since her husband, Hal, can't get their own car started to drive her to the hospital. Doris sits with the four Benson children, while Hal takes Doris' car to drive Dorothy to the hospital. Doris later learns that the baby isn't expected until morning, meaning that Doris has to stay with the Benson children overnight. It will be a long night for Doris, as the Benson children's reputation for being a rambunctious lot precedes them.
Among the Benson children is a seven-year-old Jodie Foster in her first acting role as the rambunctious Jenny.
Director: Harry Falk.
Cast: Doris Day, Denver Pyle, James Hampton, Philip Brown, Todd Starke, Naomi Stevens, Jodie Foster, Paul Smith, Lord Nelson, Peggy Rea, Hal Smith, Julie Reese.
USA, 1969.
Language: English.
Download The Baby Sitter. 1969.
The Baby Sitter. 1969.
The Baby Sitter. 1969.


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