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Saturday, February 1, 2020

La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009. HD.

La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009. HD.
 FR. Les vacances d'un adolescent dans un camp naturiste, en compagnie de sa mère et de jeunes gens de son âge.
EN. La Fonte des neiges (English title: Thawing out; literally The melting of the snows) is a 2009 short comedy drama film directed by Jean-Julien Chervier.
La Fonte des neiges is about a few days of a holiday when Leo, a twelve-year-old child is forced to follow his mother to a nudist camp. At first deeply shy, he responds by wearing extra clothes. After meeting Antoinette, a playful girl, Leo slowly becomes more relaxed and is revealed as a responsible and gentle person. He gets to know Antoinette better throughout the film and the discovery of his body, as well as the first feelings of love take on the appearance of a fairy tale with a hallucinogenic quality.
Nicely filmed in the hills of France, with the participation of Arte France Television and the Center of National Cinematography, and backed by the Aquitaine Region and the Department of Health, you are assured that this short film was produced under strict guidelines and regulations in order to insure that all was done in accordance to laws and proper procedure. La Fonte des Neiges has aired on French national television and has toured the French and U.S. film festivals.
La Fonte des Neiges is one of the very rare naturist-nudist based films where a good sense of responsibility is exhibited at a time when romance sets in and represents a potentially consequential proposition.
More info: imdb 6.8/10.
Director: Jean-Julien Chervier.
Cast: Marc Beffa, Géraldine Martineau, Zazon Castro, Laurent Roth, Lauren Chini, Natanaël Sylard, Laura Luna, Philippe Caulier.
France, 2009.
Language: German, Russian.
Subtitles: German, Russian.
1280x720 HD
Download La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009.
La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009. HD.
La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009. HD.

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