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Monday, August 8, 2022

Elvis! Elvis! 1976. FULL-HD.

Elvis! Elvis! 1976. FULL-HD.
Elvis! Elvis! is a 1976 Swedish drama film directed by Kay Pollak. It was entered into the 10th Moscow International Film Festival.
Tale of a boy, roughly eight, who experiences a number of problems due to his estranged relationship with his mother. Mom wants her little boy to be someone other than who he is; junior is stubborn, fights back. Can these two find a common ground before the ending credits roll?
Director: Kay Pollak.
Cast: Lele Dorazio, Lena-Pia Bernhardsson, Fred Gunnarsson, Elisaveta, Allan Edwall, Kent Andersson, Victoria Grant, Kim Anderzon, Kjerstin Dellert, Lars Edström, Anna-Lena Ebenståhl, Gunnar Fredriksson.
Sweden, 1976.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English, Swedish.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download Elvis! Elvis! 1976.
Elvis! Elvis! 1976. FULL-HD.
Elvis! Elvis! 1976. FULL-HD.


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