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Friday, March 1, 2024

Gila and Rik. 1987.

Gila and Rik. 1987.
Two children meet on a summer afternoon, and discover that they can communicate with each other through telepathy. They fall in love, of course, but are torn apart by their respective laid families. Fate will bring them together in New York 10 years later, but trouble will always be around the corner.
Director: Enzo Doria.
Cast: Tina Mason, Alessandro Doria, Francesca Passadore, Enrico Zanchini, Margaux Hemingway, Donald Pleasence, Capucine, John Phillip Law, Laurent Terzieff, Gianni Garko, Giovanni Di Benedetto.
Italy, 1987.
Language: Italian.
Download Gila and Rik. 1987.

Gila and Rik. 1987.
Gila and Rik. 1987.


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