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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Baby Love. 1968.

Baby Love. 1968.
 Старый, немного глупый и слегка скандальный, но хорошо отреставрированный фильм про бедную 15-летнюю Люси. Её мать, особа весьма лёгкого поведения, вскрыла вены и осиротевшую школьницу взяли в одно богатое семейство. Там озабоченный отпрыск-подросток пытается к ней подкатить, но у Люси другая цель - отомстить главе семейства так как она считает его виноватым в смерти матери и в итоге соблазняет его жену...
Now 15 years old, Luci grew up alone with her slutty mother in a poor district of London. After her mother's suicide, Robert, her mother's former high-school boyfriend, brings Luci to his home where she meets his rich wife Aimee and their teenage son. However, Robert is not the boy's biological father. Luci makes Robert think that he's guilty of her mother's death, because he left her after he finished university. Nevertheless, she wants to stay with his family in their beautiful home. It seems to them that she wants revenge. The whole family is confused by her strange behavior toward each of them, which is interpreted as sexual advances...
Режиссёр: Alastair Reid.
В ролях: Diana Dors, Linda Hayden, Troy Dante, Ann Lynn, Sheila Steafel, Dick Emery, Keith Barron, Lewis Wilson, Derek Lamden, Patience Collier, Terence Brady, Marianne Stone, Vernon Dobtcheff, Yvonne Horner.
Великобритания, 1968.
Язык: английский, без перевода.
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Baby Love. 1968.

Baby Love. 1968.
Baby Love. 1968.

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