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Sunday, April 15, 2018

แปดวัน แปลกคน / Pad wan plak khon / The 8th Day. 2008.

แปดวัน แปลกคน / Pad wan plak khon / The 8th Day. 2008.
 Страшноватая и сюрная тайская драма про одну старушенцию, она живёт в полуразвалившемся доме где то на задворках города, эта хибара и есть вся её жизнь. Однако как то раз она заманивает к себе маленькую девочку и запирает её. Молодой врач в доме напротив видел произошедшее но предпочёл молчать до последнего, до восьмого дня когда у старушенции окончательно сорвало крышу...
Life is a sequence of 7 straight days that rotate repeatedly over and over again without an end. It can be said that this sequence runs as the most loyal mechanic in the universe. Save for a certain period of a life time that this sequence is altered to a new one.
This sudden mal-function in life is never permanent. It all goes back to normal soon before anyone notices. But unfortunately, although life alters briefly and just temporarily, some gets affected by the result it brings forever.
Imagine yourself as an old lady who lived in an old worn-down house. A house that is all you have, your past, your present and your future. Until one day when a little girl entered that house and only another young doctor witnessed it.
That lonely house opened its door to welcome the little girl in and shut down its door to the rest of the world for another eight days.
Those were the eight days that the old lady had complete power over every pulse that kept the house alive and the eight days that the young doctor held, in his hands, the fates of the only two lives in it.
Imagine if one single interruption may change the rest of their lives. Then, what would it be like if, in certain times life starts and ends in only a day... the 8th day.
Режиссёр: Chadchai Yoodsaranee.
В ролях: Vasana Chalakorn, Jannitt Oprasert, Thanawetch Siriwattanakul, Prangtip Boonchon, Penporn Ngamsuk, Bordin Moomeunsri, Kasem Chinnawong.
Таиланд, 2008.
Язык: тайский, без перевода.
Download แปดวัน แปลกคน / Pad wan plak khon / The 8th Day.
แปดวัน แปลกคน / Pad wan plak khon / The 8th Day. 2008.
แปดวัน แปลกคน / Pad wan plak khon / The 8th Day. 2008.

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