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Friday, September 29, 2017

I Want to Be Famous. 1976.

I Want to Be Famous. 1976.
 Редкий образчик независимого британского кино, 40-минутная короткометражка про Стива, 11-летнего школьника который не любит девочек, не хочет играть в футбол, а предпочитает рисовать, мечтать и общаться со своим лучшим другом Стюартом. Однако это не вызывает восторга у его отца и поэтому оно постоянно слышит перепалки родителей о себе...
Independent British cinema, a brief view of an unhappy childhood.
Steve is the smallest eleven year old in his class, thinks girls are soppy and prefers painting. He creates an exciting but violent fantasy world of his own, but in reality he is lonely and introspective. Stuart, his best mate, is the most solid thing thing about a comfortless world where people argue too much - usually about him - and, with studied indifference, both boys establish and re-establish their devotion to each other.
Director: Roger Lambert.
Cast: Stephen Bratt, Stuart Elliot, Andy Gough, Joyce Pemberton, Keith Groom, Ted Gray, Steve Handforth, Vanessa Doran, Brian Warrilow, Eric Ball, Matthew Barlow, Arnold Bratt.
UK, 1976.
Language: English.
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I Want to Be Famous. 1976.
I Want to Be Famous. 1976.

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