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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.

Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.
 Итак очередной выпуск сборника короткометражек за номером 37 на экранах страны и мира во всей своей красе готов. Нынче 8 минифильмов, все свежие и в высоком качестве.
The thirty-eighth issue of a collection of short films. Now 8 mini-films, all fresh and in high quality.
1. Trold. 2013.
Troll is a story about a pregnant and religious girl, Mille, 13 years old, who endures a life filled with sexual abuse.
Director: Fili Seifert.
Cast: Cecilie Larsen Ellebye, Thomas Kirk, Linda Elvira, Micas Wolff, Yasmin Yacobi, Søren L. Mühldorff, Kenneth M. Christensen.
Denmark, 2013.
Language: Danish.
2. Punani. 2015.
Masturbating in a bed filled with dolls and teddy bears, teenage girl Agnes is tired of hearing about how accepting God at her confirmation will serve as a rite of passage to adulthood. She seeks out to find her own path to adulthood - and she enlists her older brother's friend to help her.
Director: Emilie Marloth Frøkjær.
Cast: Julie Brochorst Andersen, Lasse Fogelstrøm, Oscar Dyekjær Giese.
Denmark, 2015.
Language: Danish.
3. Millennium. 2013.
13-year-old Karl and Thomas have been childhood friends but are now drifting apart. Thomas likes Katzy and Katzy likes Karl. The boys have stolen 30,000 kroner because Thomas wants to impress Katzy with an unforgettable party.
Director: Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard.
Cast: William Rudbeck Lindhardt, Jonathan Werner Juel, Carla Rasmussen, Jannick Raunow, Sofia Holst, Emil Eir-Hansen.
Denmark, 2013.
Language: Danish.
4. Lulus første gang. 2016.
Lulu is being bullied at her school. Her safe haven is on the internet, where she is dating Sebastian. Sebastian wants to meet in real life, but Lulu is afraid. When her secret relationship is exposed, Lulu suddenly finds it necessary to prove herself - by losing her virginity. But is that how to do it?
Director: Tone Ottilie.
Cast: Line Hesdam, Maya Livingstone, Elias Munk, Adam Ild Rohweder.
Denmark, 2016.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: English.
5. Gemmeleg. 2011.
Johanna (12) is babysitting her younger sister, Marion (8), as their mother, Susanna (40) is throwing a garden party for her neighbors and friends. A man at the party notices Johanna, and with sexual confusion, she takes advantage of his interest.
Director: Andrea Sand Gustavson.
Cast: Alisa Ayvery, Mille Maria Dalsgaard, Mia Dinitzen, Jo Adrian Haavind, Annabella Høeg Sørensen, Emil Wilk.
Denmark, 2011.
Language: Danish.
6. Et liv. 2014.
Mette har en barndom som så mange andre børn. Hun leger, tegner, ser fjernsyn og er sammen med sin mor og far. Men under overfladen krakelerer familieidyllen, da Mettes far har en dyster side. På det seneste er hans overgreb på moren begyndt at intensivere, og da moren efter alvorlige skader kommer på hospitalet og senere det lokale krisecenter, står Mette over for nogle store forandringer i sin tilværelse.
Director: Stine Ilona Eilertzen.
Cast: Thomas Biehl, Helle Halsboe, Sophie Hald Jensen, Kaja Kamuk.
Denmark, 2014.
Language: Danish.
7. Daimi. 2012.
Visceral field notes charting Daimi's chaotic existence as she rattles around a decrepit household; her mother dead in the bathtub, and her only companion a piglet that subsequently transforms into an infant.
Director: Marie Grahtø Sørensen.
Cast: Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann.
Denmark, 2012.
Language: Danish.
8. Älskade unge / Dear Kid. 2016.
During a swimming lesson a mother starts to feel uneasy about the coach's relation to one of the kids, but she has no proof. She faces a dilemma; to make an accusation of the worst kind, or to ignore a child who is possibly getting abused.
Director: Frida Kempff.
Cast: Jonas Eskil Brehmer, Cecilia Milocco, David Ramirez Knezevic.
Sweden, 2016.
Language: Swedish.
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Download Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.
Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.
Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.
Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.
Cборник короткометражек, часть 37 / Shorts-37.

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