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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Дерево колибри / The Hummingbird Tree. 1993.

Дерево колибри / The Hummingbird Tree. 1992.
 Романтическая история дружбы двенадцатилетнего Алана, сына состоятельных родителей, примерных католиков, живших в британской колонии Тринидад после окончания второй мировой войны с Дайлин и Кайзером, двумя индейскими сверстниками.
The Hummingbird Tree is a film directed by Noella Smith and starring Patrick Bergin, Niall Buggy and Sunil Ramjitsingh. It was filmed in Trinidad and Tobago in 1992 by the BBC. The script of the movie, by Jonathan Falla, was based on the book The Hummingbird Tree, written by Ian McDonald (Guyanese writer) and first published by Heinemann (publisher) in 1969. The book was republished by Macmillan Publishers in 2004.
Set in 1946 in Trinidad. Tells the story of the friendship between Alan, the 12-year-old son of well-off Catholic parents, and Jaillin and Kaiser, two local East Indian children.
Director: Noella Smith.
Cast: Patrick Bergin, Susan Wooldridge, Tom Beasley, Desha Penco, Sunil Y. Ramjitsingh, Valerie Laurent Stevens, Clive Wood, Rebecca Aldred, Bret Kenny, Kirk Collins, Charles Applewaite, Roger Roberts, Joseph Gilbert.
UK, 1992.
Language: English.
Download Дерево колибри / The Hummingbird Tree.
Дерево колибри / The Hummingbird Tree. 1992.
Дерево колибри / The Hummingbird Tree. 1992.

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