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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Anthology of short films. Part 72.

Anthology of short films. Part 72.
 The last summer issue of the collection of short films number 72, today the program has 8 mini-films, including a very ancient one.
1. La carnada. 2014.
The film follows a 13 year old boy (Manny) from Tijuana as he embarks on his first drug smuggle across the 'Devil's Highway', a notoriously fatal stretch of desert on the Arizona/Mexico border.
Director: Josh Soskin.
Cast: Angel Soto Jr., Carlos Valencia, Peter Reinert, Angelica Gonzalez.
USA, Mexico, 2014.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
1280x544 HD
2. Dual. 2018.
A child psychologist attempts to reach a troubled little boy with a violent history, but her efforts unleash the demonic fury of his "imaginary friends" in the process.
Director: Justin Staggs.
Cast: Julianna Drajkó, Andy Rocco Kraft, Troy Antoine LaFaye.
USA, 2018.
Language: English, Russian.
1280x720 HD
3. Fork boy. 2002.
An innocent war game between children meet a violent and brutal reality.
Director: Mikel Cee Karlsson.
Cast: Leo Malje, Andrej Malje, Robin Persson, Elias Alm, Jonna Alm, Rasmus Strannabjer Melin, Robin Nordberg, Christoffer Nordberg, John Pettersson, Love Pettersson, David Andersson, Emil Pettersson.
Sweden, 2002.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Brazuca. 2017.
During the summer World Cup, 11-year old Boyko will do anything to obtain "Brazuca", the Official World Cup ball, in order to prevent his friends from using him only as a goalkeeper.
Director: Faidon Gkretsikos.
Cast: Boyko Paskalev, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Maria Baloutsou, Michail Tabakakis.
Greece, 2017.
Language: Greek, Russian.
1280x720 HD
5. Les enfants de la guerre / War Children. 1976.
A few days after the Karantina massacre, in a predominantly Muslim slum in Beirut, Jocelyne Saab meets the surviving children, who are marked by the horrific visions of the combat they witnessed. After giving them pens to draw with and inviting them to play under the watchful eye of her camera, the director is faced with a bitter realization: they no longer know any other game than that of war, and it will soon become a profession for them as well.
Director: Jocelyn Saab.
France, 1976.
Language: French.
6. Two Naughty Boys Teasing the Cobbler. 1898.
Boys blow peas at the cobbler, who throws a boot and hits a woman.
Director: James Williamson.
Cast: Alan Williamson, Colin Williamson.
UK, 1898.
1024x784 HD
7. No soy él. 2017.
ES. Clara es una niña que no puede mostrarse como es. Hay algo que puede con ella, y la obliga a vivir bajo un nombre y una apariencia que no son reales.
EN. Clara is a girl who can not show herself the way she is. There is something with her that forces her to live under a name and appearance that aren't real. 'No soy él' is the first trans short film in Galiza's history.
Director: Xoan Bregua.
Cast: Sergio Barbeito, Sasha Cocola, Simón da Torre, Adrián Jiménez, Xoel Roupar, Estíbaliz Veiga, María Vázquez.
Spain, 2017.
Language: Spanish.
1920x1080 HD
8. Curiosity Kills. 2012.
A failed chemistry experiment turns a little boy's pet rat into a radioactive killer.
Director: Sander Maran.
Cast: Peeter Maran, Rita Rätsepp, Jaak Valdre, Guillermo.
Estonia, 2012.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 72.
Anthology of short films. Part 72.
Anthology of short films. Part 72.
Anthology of short films. Part 72.
Anthology of short films. Part 72.

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