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Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Strange Affair. 1968.

The Strange Affair. 1968.
 The Strange Affair is a 1968 British crime film directed by David Greene and starring Michael York, Jeremy Kemp and Susan George.
Peter Strange (Michael York) is an idealistic young police recruit who gets mixed up with the machinations of the tough and jaded Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Pierce (Jeremy Kemp). Pierce is trying to arrest a gang for drug smuggling and later murder, but is thwarted respectively by a corrupt colleague and an unconvicing witness. Strange is shocked by finding the dead body of a murdered informant he knew and is himself brutally assaulted. Meanwhile, Strange is having an affair with Frederika (Susan George), a minor who he does not know is part of a pornography ring; her supposed aunt and uncle film and photograph her sexual encounters from behind a one-way mirror. (Susan George was 17 at the time the film was shot.)
Pierce obtains copies of photographs of Strange's sexual encounter with Frederika and threatens to expose him to his superiors, ending his career, unless Strange plants some heroin on one of the gang. Strange reluctantly agrees, despite planning to leave the force anyway, as he is disillusioned by the failure to catch and convict the drugs gang. Pierce's planting of evidence is revealed and he is convicted of perverting the course of justice and jailed.
Director: David Greene.
Cast: Michael York, Jeremy Kemp, George A. Cooper, George Selway, Artro Morris, Richard Pearson, Susan George, Madge Ryan, Jack Watson, Richard Vanstone.
UK, 1968.
Language: English.
Download The Strange Affair. 1968.
The Strange Affair. 1968.
The Strange Affair. 1968.

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