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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Дом на воде / Floodhouse. 2003.

Дом на воде / Floodhouse. 2003.
 Немного странный австралийский фильм про папашу-хиппаря и двух его дочерей - они отправились жить в заброшенную лачугу у реки где то в глуши. Далее цепь различных малопонятных событий из которых можно сделать вывод о непростых отношениях в этой семье...
Two girls are sent to live in the Australian bush with their hippy father. As they gradually bond, a stranger arrives from a town called Paradise.
Young Mara (Victoria Thaine) leaves behind the city and life living with her grandmother, and heads to a remote shack on the edge of a river, where she is to begin a new life with her father (Robert Menzies) and her younger sister. Mara's father is a bit of an odd man; one of his first sentences to her after her arrival is to warn her that sitting in such a fashion as she is will give her a chill in her vagina. Indeed.
Aside from Mara's father, her little sister, who is somewhat there as comic relief, knows far too many four letter words for someone her age, and her mother (Catherine McClements), who lives elsewhere, but who Mara visits, walks around without any top on.
Режиссёр: Miro Bilbrough.
В ролях: Victoria Thaine, Robert Menzies, Catherine McClements, Brendan Cowell, Amber Lee Hynes, Michael Piccirilli, Jacek Koman, Frank Whitten.
Австралия, 2003.
Язык: английский.
Субтитры: немецкие.
Download Дом на воде / Floodhouse.
Дом на воде / Floodhouse. 2003.
Дом на воде / Floodhouse. 2003.

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