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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Island of Lost Girls. 2022. FULL-HD.

Island of Lost Girls. 2022. FULL-HD.
The story of three young girls trying to stick together as they get trapped in a sea cave filled with crashing waves, hundreds of sea lions, and monstrous elephant seals.
With the whole film’s focus on the three girls, it was critical that they are engaging and actually good in their roles. And while it might be a push to say they are all great actors, they have an undeniable charm and it’s easy to get caught up in their story. But beyond their acting abilities, they filmed all their own stunts in the movie. And there are a lot of stunts. Things are obviously filmed very cleverly so that stunts that look dangerous almost definitely aren’t but lets not take anything away from the young actors. There is lots to do in this movie. Whether it’s swimming big waves, clinging on to a surfboard, being surrounded by sea lions or jumping from rocks. It all looks great too. There is some CGI used but it absolutely works and doesn’t take away from the real things that are happening on screen.
Directors: Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt.
Cast: Autumn Fiore, Avila Schmidt, Prakriti Maduro, Scarlet Schmidt.
USA, Mexico, 2022.
Language: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download Island of Lost Girls. 2022.
Island of Lost Girls. 2022. FULL-HD.
Island of Lost Girls. 2022. FULL-HD.


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